Hummingbird Rewards Program

Hummingbird Rewards

The more you spend, the more you earn.

Thank you for always making Hummingbird your first choice.

Our loyalty program rewards customers that always choose us. It’s just a way to thank you for choosing us. So, the more you rent with us, the more you earn. For every dollar you spend renting with us, is a point earned. So, $1USD = 1 Hummingbird Point. You also earn 100 points if you do 3 rentals a year. Points can accumulate and be redeemed for any of the rewards in our reward system;  like free days or gas coupons. The first steps to becoming a member of our program are to sign up for our newsletter and register on our website.

Hummingbird Rewards

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Both of our Hummingbird Tiers give our members tremendous benefits. From car seats to hotel accommodations, we give back to our loyal customers. Once you have been accumulating points, you are on your way to great prizes. Sign up, sign in, and start racking up points.


What You Get

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