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Can I reserve and pick up the car the same day?
Yes, you can. Generally, we require at least 6 hours to process each reservation.

What are the delivery options?
We deliver rentals to all the major towns in Jamaica. This includes airports, businesses, homes, hotels, and villas.

How do I get a car delivered?
Once you make your reservation, you will provide details of preferred delivery location upon confirmation.

What documents do I need to rent?
You need 2 government issued I.Ds preferable passport and driver’s license (issue date must be over a year). Credit or debit card used to make the reservation.

Can I use photocopied documents to rent a vehicle?
NO, Photocopy documents are NOT accepted.

Can I rent a vehicle if I’m under 25?
You may rent a vehicle if you are 21 and older, with a clean driving record. Driver’s license issue date must be over a year.

Are there any underage surcharges for renters below a certain age?
We do not rent to persons younger than 21. As long as you are 21 or older you will be charged normal rate.

What are the driving regulations for the country?
Drive on the left side of the road at all times in towns and cities at 50 km/h (30 mph), on open roads at 80 km/h (50 mph) or otherwise specified by street signs. Our vehicles are not equipped for Free Hand Drive. Please see our article on Driving in Jamaica for more detailed tips.

Can I change, modify or cancel my reservation?
You may modify or cancel your reservation 15 days in advance at no additional cost. Less than 15 days, attracts a 10% cancellation fee.

What are the cancellation policies?
You may modify or cancel your reservation 15 days in advance at no additional cost. Less than 15 days, attracts a 10% cancellation fee. See our Rental Terms & Conditions for more information

Can I extend the rental of a vehicle before or while on rent?
An extension is ALWAYS allowed but is based on availability.

Do you have accommodations for a person with disability?
Our business operates on satellite locations, meaning we do not have a physical office space. Therefore, no need for ramps and disability parking.

Do you rent vehicles to persons with disabilities?
YES, we rent to persons over the age of 21 with a valid driver’s license and who are physically fit to operate a motor vehicle.

If you are unable to operate the vehicle yourself, you can add a third-party driver or add a “Personal Driver” option when renting and we will provide you with a driver for your rental at a cost. See “Add Insurance & Options” under Reservation.

Do HummingBird vehicles have navigation systems?

Hummingbird vehicles are not equipt with built in GPS/ Navigation Systems. However, HBC offers our customers a mobile Wi-Fi device as a rental add-on so customers can use their various navigation apps to get around the island. The best navigation apps to use while in Jamaica are Google Maps and Waze.


What happens if I get a parking ticket/fine or towed?
Renters are liable for all expenses incurred that are not covered under insurance package purchases.

What do I do if I meet in an accident while driving your rental?
Call the police and report the accident immediately. Take your own photos of the accident and be sure to get the insurance information of the other person. Contact Us and we will make further inquiries.

What are your booking rates/prices?
Rates depend on a number of factors including the type of vehicle and availability. Please check our current rates on our reservation page

What’s the cost to add an additional driver to my rental?
There is NO COST associated with adding an extra driver to your rental. However, you must fill out an “Additional Driver Request Form” available upon request.

How does the “Pay Later” option work?
You may choose to “Pay Later” when booking, however, you are running the risk of not getting a vehicle, as we operate on a first come first serve basis for customers who choose the “Pay Now” option. Pay Later customers pay full price and do not benefit the early bird discount.

Do you require a deposit to rent a vehicle?
YES, we require a security deposit of $200(USD) for renters who have insurance. For those who choose to waive coverage, the security deposit is $1000(USD). It is mandatory for all renters and is refundable upon return of the vehicle in its original condition.

What forms of payments are acceptable?
We accept all major debit/credit cards. Cash transaction may be considered, based on circumstances.

I do not have a PayPal account, can I still pay using my credit or credit card?
YES, you can. Our PayPal system is configured to accept payment via any credit or debit card. If you are having any issues processing your payment, please contact us immediately

Do you offer any discounts or promotions?
YES, we have promotions and discounts all year round.

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“Pay Now” Discount – Offer to persons who choose the “Pay Now” option on check out. Get up to 10% off base rate when you choose this option.

Long Term/Monthly Rental Special – Rent a car for 30 days or more and save more. LOWEST RATE Guaranteed

Can you rent a car by the month?
Yes. You can also extend your rental, as needed, each month. However, please note that prices are subject to change and renewing your rental monthly may affect your payments.

Can I rent a car for 2 months?
Yes, you most certainly can get a car rental for two months. The longer you rent, the more you save!

Can I lease a car for 12 months?
Yes, you can lease for as long as you like. Leasing for a longer period will guarantee you a vehicle under our long-term contract with one upfront payment. However, other conditions may apply for incremental leasing > (leasing where the renter extends after a certain period has ended)

How much does a rental car cost for a month?
That depends – While our long term car hire is the cheapest in Jamaica, we rent our cars by categories. You can view some of our long term rates by selecting a category during reservation. You can also give us a call at 800-458-6440 to request our rates.

Can I select a specific car to rent for a month?
No. Like our regular rentals, we rent cars long term by the category. However, you can contact us to make further enquires.

Will I be responsible for servicing the rental car?
No, we do all the necessary service maintenance. Please note; tire care and upkeep are not a part of regular maintenance.


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