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Humming Bird is more than just a car rental business.  Since 2006 our hardworking team has been providing outstanding services to visitors to Jamaica. Back then, Hummingbird’s co-founder, a Jamaican living in New York, was tired of the run-around each time he tried to rent a car on his many visits to Jamaica. Today, with our VOW to treat every customer as we would like to be treated and unrelenting focus on customer satisfaction, we have brought innovation to the marketplace–many that are now being copied by our rivals:

A Message from our CEO


Most agencies in Jamaica charge from $1,000 to $2,000 USD car rental deposit. HB charged only $200 USD and $0.00USD to loyal customers. We do this by avoiding reckless renters and focusing on decent ones who treat of vehicles like their own. This mutual trust has led to HummingBird having some of the most loyal customers in the travel industry.


On Demand s when you book a car and have it delivered anywhere in Jamaica. (Free for rentals in metropolitan areas*). In fact, we were the first car rental company to coin the phrase on “demand car rental”.


We don’t raise our prices. Our unrelenting philosophy in keeping costs low has enabled us to continue offering our customers the greatest value for money. So, instead of investing in fancy airport locations, offices, large staff, etc, we pass on costs savings to customers in the form of lower prices, better cars, and technology.

HummingBird Car Rental – Car Rental in Jamaica

More than a business

We would like to believe that we are more than a business just trying to make a profit. The founders believe in building strong communities through strong businesses manifested in this company. By locating our vehicle service center in inner-city communities in Jamaica, HummingBird is a pioneer in contributing to local economic development by providing employment and training to inner-city residents and businesses.

The struggles

Of course, the journey has not been easy. Back when we started in 2006, we were going about 400 percent a year. And then the great recession came in 2009. The travel industry was down by 85%. Many of our small competitors went out of business. HummingBird struggled along for 4 long years as our fleet aged and customer satisfaction slipped. However, we have stuck it out and have seen a resurgence in our business especially in the past 4 years.

The Best in Jamaica

Now that we are back on top again, we will never forget our loyal customers who stuck with us through the tough times and most importantly, we will never forget our roots. We provide hassle-free car rental at the best price in Jamaica. HummingBird will never again try to imitate those stuffy airport base agencies. Furthermore, we will stick to our model of delivering the best value for money.

We provide hassle-free car rental at the best price in Jamaica.

Of course, I am not saying we will never make mistakes. …But our loyal customers know that in a rare event we do not meet their high standards, we will try our best to fix the issue. And if we can’t, we always make it up to our customers. Our worst nightmare is a customer who believes that we did not give them value for their money. and this is why we keep trying to be the best in this business

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