Knowing what to do before you on a plane is one thing. Knowing what happens when you land is another. The effect of COVID-19 has made the process of leaving the airport much different than it was before. Apart from social distancing, there are a few other new measures you have to bear in mind. These measures include temperature checks, possible risk assessment and the new JAMCOVID app that everyone has to download.

So here is HBC‘s little timeline to help you out.

plane landing

When The Plane Lands

When the plane lands they’ll tell you to remain seated until further instructed. So, don’t grab your bags and get off the plane like you used to do. A crowded passageway isn’t social distancing. 

You’ll be told to get off the plane row by row. So, when instructed you can get your bag and get off the plane one by one.

off the plane

When You Get off the Plane

Once you get off the plane, a Member of the Ministry of Health will brief you about certain protocols put in place. They’ll tell you the rules to follow while in Jamaica. They’ll also tell you that these protocols are for the safety of you, the visitors, as well as,  Jamaican citizens.

Close-up of passports and boarding pass in female hands at airport

On The Way To Immigration

This is where they’ll start to process arriving travellers. You’ll get a slip of paper which they’ll use to note your temperature after someone checks it. They’ll use an infrared temperature monitor which will indicate if you’re a health risk. (If your temperature is 98℉ or 36.7℃  they will consider you as high risk and separate you for further screening. After your screening, they may tell you to quarantine.)

On the way to immigration, people are there to instruct or assist you to install the ‘JAMCOVID’ app on your phone.  You’ll also be showed how to use the app. Everyone has to install the app. They will give you a code to put into the app which will allow them to communicate with you during your trip. After you have the app, you will have to sign a contract. The contract obligates you to follow all quarantine safety measures put in place.

Woman holding passports close up at airport waiting the flight

What Happens In Immigration

While going through immigration, you must keep practising social distancing. After you’ve gone through immigration, you can collect your bags. You’ll then proceed through customs, which is less strenuous than before. If you have less than $500 USD to declare then you can use the green line that indicates you have nothing to declare.

Now you’re free to get to your intended hotel or address.

Mature businessman with smartphone in a hotel room. Handsome man standing at the window, texting.

While in Jamaica

While staying at your intended location, you’ll be in a geo-fence made by the JAMCOVID app.  This will ‘lock’ you inside and will alert the relevant persons if you’ve left your geo-fence area.

You will also have to check-in randomly with the ‘JAMCOVID’ app if you have symptoms of COVID-19. Occasionally, you’ll need to send a video saying the check-in code they ask you to say.  This is to ensure you are still inside your geo-fence.

You are also required to have a sheet of paper that you record your temperature daily. So don’t forget to pack a thermometer before you travel.