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Personal Driver $89/Day

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(USD$89/Day) Don’t care to drive around in Jamaica? You can hire your own personal driver for the day (up to 8 hours) or the entire trip- Our drivers are calm and collective; and have security and tour guide training from the Jamaica tourist board. Please select no. of days you need a personal driver for. The total cost is for the No. of days selected and not for all days of the rental. 

Loss Waiver Coverage $9.95/Day

(USD$9.95/Day) Loss Waiver Coverage (LWC)- This type of coverage offers protection from major loss or damages in case your rental vehicle is involved in an accident, stolen or vandalized.  A deductible—the amount you are responsible for in case of loss—of USD$750 for damages and USD$1,200 for theft applies. For example, if the rental vehicle has USD$5,000 in damages from an accident, you are only responsible for the first USD$750. The difference of USD$4,250 is covered. Meanwhile coverage is not mandatory when renting with us, we do charge a higher security deposit for renters with no type of coverage or insurance.

Full Loss waiver coverage $25/Day

(USD$25/Day) Full Loss Waiver Coverage (FLDC)- This type of coverage offers full protection from major loss in case your rental car is involved in an accident, stolen or vandalized.  There is no deductible—the amount you are responsible for—for damages, but USD$995 only for theft.

Additional Driver $2/Day/Person

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(USD$2/Day Per Person) Only the renter can drive the rental vehicle. However, you can add additional drivers to the rental contract. Additional drivers must meet the minimum rental driver requirement. Spouses can be added for free. Please select the number of additional drivers you want to add.

Child Seat $19 Per Rental

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(USD$15 Per Rental) Traveling with kids? In Jamaica, children 4 years and under should be in a child seat. Please select the no. of child seats you would like. 


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