Useful Tips For Your Trip

Useful Travel Tips

1. Learn as much as you can about your destination and not just the hot spots but the customs and rules. You never want to offend anyone on your trip.

2. Write down your schedule for the day. This may seem a bit strict for a vacation but it is always good to have a plan in mind…even if you don’t stick to it.

3. Try to dress comfortably. A trip is all about relaxation and adventure; you may find yourself wanting to release your inner child and run around playfully.

4. Beach trips are great but cleaning up excess sand brought from the beach to the car can really be frustrating. Baby powder can help! Dust off excess sand from bags and towels then to get rid of the sand on your arms and legs rub on baby powder. The powder absorbs any remaining moisture and the dry sand will fall off. It will leave you smelling nice and feeling clean.

5. While sight-seeing on your trip in sunny locations like the Caribbean the sun can become a bit overwhelming. Along with carrying water, place a damp wash cloth in a cooler and take it as well. Its serves as an instant refresher on the very hot days.

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