How I plan to Travel Somewhere New as a New Year Resolution

Travel Somewhere New

It’s the New Year and many of us may have done retrospection and evaluation of the previous year and the choices we made or didn’t make. Through this process, we formulate what we hope to achieve for the New Year and thus make our New Year resolutions. We may decide to earn more money, change our current jobs, eat and live healthier and a plethora of other lifestyle changes. In doing my own reflection, a friend of mine sent me the photo below.

travel plan

An Attainable Goal

In seeing that picture I suddenly had an epiphany. A clear-cut plan of what to include in my resolution and more so how to do it. My New Year resolution is to travel somewhere new. A thousand words expressed in the photo dictated that I needed to plan where I wanted to go, at least 5 new places.  These were only going to be local places. Of course, my New Year Resolution needed to be attainable and I figure I’d start exploring my beautiful Island before venturing overseas. Furthermore, tourists are paying thousands of dollars to vacation in Jamaica, so why not also enjoy what they are enjoying.

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The Plan to Travel Somewhere New

And so, I thought of the five new places I wanted to go and wrote each down on an envelope. Five envelops later, I had 2 hotels, 1 waterpark, and 2 attraction sites. To safeguard my traveling goal, I selected places far out my cul de sac. The next step was to budget my trips and to allocate funding towards them. As such, I researched the costs for these places and also wrote the costs on each envelope. Now it’s just a matter of saving towards those trips. I budget my salary each month to allocate funds to each envelope. I will also contribute any spare cash I have so as to expedite the saving process.

The message

As simple as this resolution was developed to be, it is just a blueprint for all New Year Resolution. You may be able to travel to another country, hence you can make your resolution within that domain. The fact is, people, conjure up resolutions without any attainable goals or plans to achieve them. Ensure your resolutions are set at realistic goals and develop precise plans to achieve them.

So with a goal and a plan in place, my New Year resolution to travel somewhere new is just a couple of dollars away.

Finally, I wish for everyone nothing but the best for the New Year and beyond. Let us know some of your New Year Resolutions in the comments below.


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