Finding the Right Size Rental Car: The Suitcase Puzzle

Finding the Right Size Rental

Finding the right size rental car that will suit your needs, as well as fit all your suitcases, can often be compared to solving a Jigsaw puzzle. When renting a car for the first, second or third time, locally or overseas, there are a few things that you need to do before packing everything you own (ladies). We always want to ensure we pack the essentials for any trip. But, will packing those essentials hinder or hurt your trip later down the road?

Solving the puzzle

The first piece of advice to solving this puzzle is to ask yourself and travel companions, how many pieces of luggage are you bringing? Traveling with a lot of bags can be a strenuous activity. It can also turn out to be an expensive process. Once you figure out the number of luggage pieces going with you, the next step in this puzzle is knowing what is the right size rental car or category that fits your travelling needs.

Do a little research

It is important that you research the size car that you need for your trip to prevent any issues from occurring. There’s nothing worse than booking a vehicle that cannot fit all your pieces of luggage.  Changing a car class can sometimes be difficult because of unavailability. It will also, in most cases, cost you more.

To help you figure out the right size rental car class that’s best for you, start by looking at the different vehicles each car rental company has to offer. Once you have visited the different companies’ websites, be sure to look at the different specifications of each vehicle. Most, if not all the companies, have it noted next to each model/class. Some specifications to look out for include:

  • How many people will the car fit
  • Trunk space
  • Quantity of luggage
  • Luggage size

If you still need further assistance in figuring out if your bags will fit, you can always call the company’s customer care line and make further enquires. Having this information is very important and very helpful. Can you imagine being packed in the car like sardines in a can? Not to mention maybe having some extra luggage in your foot space or even on your lap! Not only is that uncomfortable but it is unsafe.

Never fear! Help is here

To help with your research, we have prepared a simple outline of popular rental car classes. All of which are offered here at HummingBird Car Rental.

Compact Size Cars

Compact size cars are very popular and spacious. They are good for four people on a shorter trip – and two or three people for a longer trip. It also has excellent gas mileage. There is usually room in the trunk for 1 large suitcase and possibly 2 smaller bags.

Nissan note inside back inside Nissan note inside inside full
Check out the Nissan Note in our compact car category.


Standard or Medium size cars

Standard or Medium size cars are good for four to five people and seat them comfortably for longer journeys. However, your luggage should be limited for each passenger. It depends on the size of your bags but expects one large bag and 2-3 smaller bags or two large bags.

Check out our Standard (Medium) Car category.

Full-size Cars

Full-size Cars will offer you and passengers a little more leg room and trunk space than a compact or standard size car. Five people can fit comfortably in a full-size car, and when it comes to luggage this car will fit about 2 big suitcases and 2 small bags.

Nissan Bluebird inside trunk Nissan Bluebird inside
Check out the Nissan Bluebird from our Full-Sized Car Category

Small/Mini SUV

Small/Mini SUV can fit five persons much like the full-size car. It gives a much-elevated seating position and provides for a sense of well being. However, luggage space is a bit more limited. Small or mini SUV can hold about 2 large bags or 1 large and 2 smaller bags.

Check out the Nissan Juke from our Small/Mini SUV Category


Minivan seats seven people and it offers more flexibility. Most minivans feature stow and go options with the rear seats, meaning that the seat folds all the way into the ground of the van. Depending on the country you are travelling the sizes do differ, however, a majority of the minivans can fit 3 larger bags and 2 to 4 smaller bags.

Check out our Minivan Car Category.

There are a couple more rental car size categories out there to choose from. If we didn’t provide one that fits your need, tell us about it in the comment section below.


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