Renting a car in Jamaica: The Complete Guide

Car rental in jamaica



Are you an international who is planning to visit Jamaica soon? Interested in renting a car in Jamaica to explore the island or for business related travel? Well you have come to the right spot. Here at,  Hummingbird Car Rental we have managed to put together the complete guide to car rental in Jamaica.  


We cover everything you need to know from preparing for your trip, picking the right deal car, and a bunch of helpful tips once you get here. 


Before you rent a car in Jamaica…

If you are visiting from overseas then there are a few things to consider. You will want your rental car to be available close by to the airport. Or if you are picking up your rental car at a later time you should consider an airport transfer to the address you are staying. 


Also be sure you take all the necessary documents with you, not just for the rental but for your trip. License, credit/debit cards, passport, itinerary and a copy of all the documents. This way your trip doesn’t have to be completely ruined if anything gets lost. 


If you hail from a non-English speaking country and your license is in another language then you might need to apply for an international driving permit to drive in Jamaica. If you are spending long periods of time (I.e. 6 months+) in Jamaica then it might make sense to apply for a Jamaican driver’s license at the Tax office in Jamaica. 


Picking the right rental company and finding good deals.  

This part is usually where persons get the most anxious. But we have found the number #1 way to find the give you the most reliable rental cars in Jamaica at the best rates.


  1. First feel free to find a rental company the best way you know-how and get a price quote. This can be by checking online or asking a friend.
  2. Then email us at [email protected] with the best deal you have found and Hummingbird Car Rental will beat the rate by 5 %.

A simple 2 STEP process.

Hummingbird’s lowest rate guaranteed is the #1 most affordable but reliable way to rent a car in Jamaica. Learn More


All reputable car rental companies in Jamaica will have a secure online payment portal.  They will ask for information such as payment details, Name, Address,.  and copy of driver’s licence.  


You can often save 10-20% if you pay online rather than paying later when you pick up the car.  


Reputable companies will also ask for deposits and provide insurance options. In Jamaica, there are plenty of small rental companies that require no deposits or insurance because they are not official companies. These may be unreliable and are not advised for a smooth hassle-free experience. 


Check to see if the sites you visit use Paypal or have an SSL certificate, this also shows the authenticity of the company and gives shows your payment information is safe on their website.  

The lock icon below shows a site is secure and possesses an SSL Certificate. It can safely process your credit card transactions.

SSL Certificate



Look out for a confirmation email from the rental company soon. If you are still unsure, a great way to check the reliability of a car rental company is to read online reviews from real customers and explore their official website more.  

Choosing the right car  

There are several factors that determine the type of rental car you need. As you observe each rental category on a rental site you will notice certain features such as no. Of passengers/ seats and no. Of bags/luggage. If you are travelling with a small group of people such as 4 persons or under and have few bags then a compact car is fine.  


If you need more space for passengers or bags then a full-size sedan or SUV might be more appropriate. Of course, Jamaica is full of adventures and the routes you plan to take might impact your choice as well. A lot of persons love a small fuel-efficient city car while some persons prefer a vehicle more suited for travelling to the countryside.




 Arrival in Jamaica

Once you get here you will be hoping that everything goes well. Ensure that you have followed up with the rental company recently prior to your arrival. 


Hummingbird not only deliver rentals island-wide, but the Hummingbird Express location is located 10 mins away from the Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston. From there you have several options:

  • Request for a rep to deliver the car to you at the airport
  • Request a driver for an airport transfer to your hotel in your rental car
  • Pick up the rental car at the express location yourself


The good thing is Hummingbird is always close by whether you’ve landed in Kingston or Montego Bay. The last thing you need is to arrive In Jamaica and not be able to go anywhere. 



Additional Tips 

Only rent a vehicle you feel comfortable driving. 

When you rent a vehicle from a car rental in Jamaica it is yours for a while; it is always best to feel comfortable driving the vehicle as to prevent any accidents or damages to yourself or the vehicle. 


 Do not allow multiple drivers to drive the rental vehicle 

Even if you’re going on vacation with a ton of friends; the vehicle is your responsibility. Do not allow multiple persons to drive the vehicle and have them possibly damage the vehicle or themselves. You got a great price from the cheap car rental in Jamaica doesn’t hike up payments by having to pay for damages! 


Do not go off-road 

– A pretty standard “don’t” but let me explain. You’re driving around Jamaica and you visit a beautiful beach that does not have a road paved leading to it; that is deemed as off-road. To avoid this, find the nearest parking to the beach. You might wind up getting stuck in a place you should not have been driving. Furthermore, if the vehicle incurs any damages, then the fees will fall on you. 


Inspection is Important!

When dropping off your rental vehicle be sure to have an agent present to check for any damages. 


Do not extend rental without permission 

In a signed contract, an agreement is made between you and the Jamaican car rental agency. Avoid breaking it by extending the length of your rental without permission. Inform the agency and a cheap price will be given to you for extension of rental. 




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