Budget Destinations in Jamaica

Budget destinations in Jamaica



Want to explore Jamaica on a budget? That is no problem. Budget destinations in Jamaica are often more authentic than expensive ones and there are tons of them. If you want to interact with locals, enjoy true Jamaica cuisines and see all the landscapes then you are in the right place.

Here we have compiled some top budget destinations to visit in Jamaica when you rent a car.


Little’s Hobby Hut

Little's Hobby Hut


Set in St. Catherine, this is one of the lesser-visited parishes in Jamaica for tourists. But Little’s Hobby Hut is a hidden gem that shows this lovely parish is one to see. Set in the mangroves of the south coast, you are able to go fishing and the chefs will clean gut and prepare your catch on-site any way you like. They have their own specialities such as lobster, conch, fried fish, roast fish, curry fish and steamed fish. Served with festival, bammy, steamed crackers, vinegar & much more. There is also a bar with plenty of local liquors and beverages. If you are lucky you might even get to glimpse one of the many crocodiles that roam the nearby streams and creeks.

Opening Hours: Sundays 9am – 5pm and Public Holidays

Address: T1 , Off Hartland Rd, Inswood

Phone Number: (876) 799-8391



Fort Charlotte

fort charlotte


This destination is for the lover of culture and history. Fort Charlotte in Lucea, Westmoreland was built in 1746 by the British to protect against naval attacks.

The name was given in 1761 in honour of Queen Charlotte who was married to King George III.

The fort has 23 guns although it is rumoured none of them was ever fired.

Several features of the Fort are still standing today, look out for:

  • The artillery store
  • Three guns
  • A circular base for the rotation of guns


Reggae Falls

Reggae Falls Jamaica


Reggae falls is actually an artificial but very beautiful waterfall built as a damn in St. Thomas, as part of a failed hydroelectric project in 1920. It is a very local location and you can even find women doing their laundry downstream. There are plenty of small food shacks along the side of the falls. It is possible to get to the top of the falls but a bit tricky and we advise looking around the site for a tour guide before attempting.

Address: Hillside, Morant Bay P.O
Hours: Open 24 Hours
Phone: (876) 351-5794


Woody’s Low Bridge Place

Woody's Low Bridge Place


This local burger joint is very different from any you may have visited before. It focuses on creating a variety of burgers and dishes using fresh local ingredients. You certainly won’t see this type of cooking at Burger King or even a fancy restaurant. It is unique to its location.

You will find delicious burgers such as the Jerk Chicken Burger made with from homemade jerk seasonings and vegan burgers made with plantain, mixed vegetables and cheese. Special dishes can be done to order such as curried goat.

They also entertain large parties but you have to let them know beforehand.

The environment is extremely relaxing with a great location right between Trident Castle and Frenchman’s Cove.

The owners Woody and Cherry say, “This is a place where you can come and feel relaxed, less tense, enjoy, relax and talk”. Both Woody and Cherry are very friendly and welcoming, saying that “People walk in as customers and leave as family”. They now retain visitors from all over the world. 

Opening Hours:

Friday 12–9pm
Saturday 12–9pm
Sunday 1–7pm
Monday 12–9pm
Tuesday 12–9pm
Wednesday Closed
Thursday 12–9pm

Address: Drapers, Portland, Jamaica

Phone Number: (876) 436-5624

Boy’s & Girl’s Championships

boys and girls championships


Boy’s and Girl’s Championships is an annual Jamaican High School track and field meet. If you ever watched the Olympics and wondered why Jamaicans perform so well, this is the reason. It is an extremely celebrated occasion in which students performs in different events to represent their school.

If you are a sports lover or just want something a little different then you can add this to your bucket list.

Address: National Stadium

When: Held Annually in March

Sweetwood Jerk Joint

sweetwood jerk joint


Located in Kingston, it is a great way to get good food on a budget while in the city. It is a traditional Jamaican jerk shack that specializes in slow cooking their pork, chicken and lamb over a pimento wood rack. Their seasonings are fresh and made on spot. Sausage, Conch and roast fish are also available. These main dishes are served with sides such as mixed vegetables, corn on the cob, festival and much more.

Meals can be enjoyed in a relaxing outdoor setting.

Address: 78 Knutsford Blvd, Kingston


Monday 11:30am–9pm
Tuesday 11:30am–9pm
Wednesday 11:30am–9pm
Thursday 11:30am–11pm
Friday 11:30am–12am
Saturday 11:30am–12am
Sunday 1–9pm
Phone: (876) 906-4854



To be honest, truly authentic Jamaican experiences will cost a fraction of the usual tourist destinations. You will get to try real Jamaican food made for Jamaicans and meet the best people. Jamaica isn’t really that big either. You could actually jump in a car and get to all of these locations in one to two days. But no rush! Take it easy and have fun when you are in Jamaica.

Reserve your rental car here to explore these destinations.


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