The Best Places to Live in Kingston and St. Andrew

Best Places to Live in Kingston


Jamaica is a major tourism and economical hot spot in the Caribbean. There are people here from all over the world who come not just for leisure but business. While north coast destinations like Ocho Rios and Montego Bay are known are known for tourism, Kingston and surrounding areas are becoming popular corporate destinations.


This means the homes and families of business men, the upper class, and internationals choose to reside in one of the many uptown neighborhoods. In this list we have managed to put together the best places to live in Kingston and St. Andrew.


Based on your budget, this list might help if you are planning to move to Jamaica in the future.


Barbican Jamaica


This area is located in the heart of St. Andrew. It is right across from the US Embassy in Jamaica but is one of the more affordable places on our list. It is very close to the two major universities in Jamaica and is surrounded by restaurants , shops, businesses, hotels, pretty much everything you could think of. There are a selection of large houses and smaller houses perfect for a family as well as apartment buildings.


Traffic in this area tends to be very thick during rush hours.


Housing in Kingston is significantly less than similar major cities around the world and you can find places for sale in Barbican starting at around USD $180,000.00. Which is very cheap for the location and is worth the investment. The prices for real estate in this area will only go up in the coming years. 2 Bedroom apartments for rent are as cheap as USD$500 a month.



Jacks Hill

Jack's hill jamaica


This neighborhood is located on the hills overlooking Barbican and other close by areas. You will like it if you prefer a little more peace and quiet as it is is further from the corporate area. It is still however quite close by and a very good candidate. The houses and lots here are much larger and so the area is more expensive but definitely worth it if you have a large budget.


As mentioned before it is still pretty close to the busy and corportate area. Just 5-10 minutes away from all the business places that you would have access to if you lived in Barbican. You will be close by to the classiest restaurants, the top schools and probably close to work. Jack’s Hill is pricey but one of our favorites on this list.


Houses for sale in this area will range from about USD$300,000 to well over a million and on wards. This is as a result of a variety of small to very large lots with huge 10 bedroom houses. Much of the houses in this area are also two stories and have swimming pools.





Norbrook is a bit more residential and a little further way from business the corporate area. However Kingston is small and as long as it isn’t rush hour you are pretty much within 10-20 minutes from everywhere in Kingston from here. it is popular amongst foreigners who work in Jamaica as well as affluent locals.


Sporting activities are nearby such as a pool lounge, a bowling alley, a soccer facility as well as a golf course. There are plenty restaurants around from classy spots to fast food joints. There are all the community amenities you need which includes the best housing possible, prestigious educational institutions, police stations, tax office, supermarkets, doctors etc.


The rent here won’t be as reasonable as in Barbican with places ranging from USD$2000 to USD$7000 a month so it might be a considerable investment to buy a house. They are still very pricey though starting at about USD$400,000 the lowest.


Cherry Gardens




Cherry Gardens is located right beside Norbrook and shares many of the same benefits. The area is also home to Hillel Academy which is one of the most prestigious secondary level educations institutions in Jamaica. Most houses have huge yards with lawns, automatic gates, are two story and have swimming pools.


It is very expensive and the cheapest house will cost you at least USD$700,000. Rent is almost always over USD$2000.


Beverly Hills


beverly hills jamaica


Our last spot for best neighborhood in Kingston goes to Beverly Hills. Please note this is our own judgement based on our criteria. For us, Beverly hills has it all. It is perfectly situated in Kingston,  close to gyms, hotels, hospitals, schools, right behind the US embassy. It was built 50 years ago with the primary objective of creating a residential area that is up to par with the close by corporate activity.


The community infrastructure was built with the need for space, peace and tranquility in mind despite being so close to business places. All of the houses are filled with trees and huge lawns. The area is very tight and secured. Beverly Hills is in fact the current location where the Honorable Andrew Holness, Prime Minister of Jamaica resides.


Rent here will range from about 5000- 10000 a month if not more and most of the houses cost more than a million US dollars. If you want to live beside the Prime Minister of Jamaica, a house right there is selling for USD$4,500,000.00


While none of the items on this list were in any particular order, if you should ask us, we would rate Barbican as the best place to live in Kingston. It is very affordable for all that you get. From Barbican you get to experience the true Kingston life and everything it has to offer at your fingertips for a fraction of the cost it will in other neighborhoods on this list.


If you disagree with out list please feel free to leave comments below.


Check out your next potential Kingston home at Victoria Mutual Property Services. If you are planning live in Jamaica in the future then check out our blog post on Living and Working in Jamaica.


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