Everyone loves Jamaican food...

Jamaica is known for a lot of things. People love Jamaican culture. They love the music, the people, the beaches, the parties and they absolutely love the food. Jamaican’s use of herbs and spices. Tourists love to come to Jamaica to taste the various dishes native to our culture. Dishes like jerk chicken, oxtail, ackee and saltfish, curry goat and escovitch fish are very popular among visitors. 

So, here are a few places that are popular among tourists for great food and great experience. Some are more high end and some are more considered fast-food spaces that people love for the great food. These include places famous for their jerk, seafood and other Jamaican dishes like Ackee & Saltfish and patties. 

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Boston Jerk Centre

Boston Jerk Centre is probably the most popular jerk spot on the entire island. It’s in a rural community called Fairy Hill 8 miles east of Port Antonio, Portland. But, even though it’s so a lengthy journey, people have no problem making the journey for the world-class jerk. Boston Jerk is known to be the source of where the original jerk comes from. So, most of the vendors there have some ancestral link to what we call ‘ original jerk men’. 


You can get all types of food at the centre. Jerk pork, chicken, sausage, goat, roasted fish, soups, you name it. Some of the vendors do the pan chicken method, where an oil barrel is turned into a jerk pan. Another method they use is the pepperwood method. This is where the jerk on top of zinc sheets placed on pepperwood. Both methods are great but a lot of people love the pepperwood method since it was used by  ‘original jerk men’. Boston Jerk Centre really gives the raw Jamaican jerk experience.

Photo Credit: JoJo's Jerk Pit

JoJo's Jerk Pit

If you don’t want to do the long travelling to Boston Jerk, JoJo’s Jerk Pit is right in Kingston. Along with the traditional jerk dishes, JoJo’s does a little gourmet twist to jerk. They have jerk pastas, pizzas, salads, burgers, sandwiches and even wraps. So, if you’re looking for a more gourmet jerk experience, it’s a good spot to check out. Their bar is also perfect to visit when you to have a drink with a friend. Plus, JoJo’s doesn’t just have food, they have entertainment. JoJo’s have events during the week like Reggae Tuesdays where there are live performances and Karaoke Thursdays, where the customers are the ones giving a show. So, if you want dinner and a show, JoJo’s is a nice spot to visit.

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I can comfortably say, Glorias is probably the most popular seafood spot in Jamaica. Everyone loves Gloria’s. Gloria’s original location is in Port Royal, Kingston. But there are other locations on Victoria Pier Downtown Kingston and another in Ocho Rios. Though Gloria’s is known for their fish, they do lobster, shrimp and other types of seafood. People love their steamed fish, fried fish and their soups.

Photo Credit: Scotchies


Okay, we’re giving you one more jerk spot. Scotchies in Montego Bay. So that’s three good jerk spots options you have on different ends of the island. Scotchies is another one of Jamaica’s most popular jerk spots. They’re another spot to get an authentic jerk experience. They have a beautiful rustic set up going on. Their set up of thatch huts pays homage to the Tainos, who jerk has been traced back to. Scotchies only uses the pepperwood method of jerking, Preparing chicken, pork, breadfruit, corn, bammy, soup and more. Like JoJo’s, Scotchies offers the barside experience as well as table service.

Photo Credit: Juici Patties

Juici Patties

Juici Patties is the Jamaican Patty Place known for their very wide selection of patties and Jamaican breakfast. You can get beef, chicken, soy, vegetable and even shrimp filled patties at Juici. The meats are stuffed into a flour-based crust and baked in an oven. They also have porridges,  breakfast and lunch meals. Breakfast meals like ackee and saltfish, calaloo, stewed chicken and curried chicken among others. 

People love their breakfast and their porridges especially their hominy corn porridge, Let’s not forget the red peas and chicken soups. Juici is a great spot for breakfast, a quick lunch or to stop for a bite on a road trip. Locals and visitors alike love Juici for the variety they provide.

Photo Credit: Devon House Bakery

Devon House Bakery

The famous Devon House isn’t just for great ice-cream. Apart from great traditional pastries like cakes and tarts, their bakery has great Jamaican patties. Patties filled with beef, chicken, lobster, ackee & saltfish, calaloo and even curried goat. They also have great blended natural juices and coconut water. So, when you visit Devon House for patties, remember to pick up a freshly baked patty as well.  

Jamaican Food
Photo Credit: Island Grill

Island Grill

Okay, maybe just one last  jerk spot. Island grill is more of a fast-food version of the other jerk spots mentioned. Rather than just getting your jerk chicken with festival and bammy like the other spots mentioned. Island Grill has meals with rice and peas. Jerk or BBQ chicken meals, fish and chicken burgers, soups and even vegan options. Island grill is the perfect place to get a quick jerk centered meal.


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