Know What You Pay For

Car rental companies are really just a search away. But, if you don’t what you’re paying for in your rental, you might end up getting a poor deal. You may end up overpaying or not getting what you thought you were paying for. And when renting a car, it is always important to know the details of your deal. That way you’ll feel comfortable about your purchase. So, HBC is going to help with that by breaking down what you are or could pay for.

When people think of car rental in Jamaica, their first thought is expensive. This is a fair first thought, mostly because certain small luxuries in Jamaica are a bit pricey. Different car rental companies charge for different things. They may present these charges in different ways. Some rental companies, like Hummingbird Car Rental (HBC), present their rates inclusive of all their charges. While other companies may present their rates not inclusive of all their charges. So, rates advertised in ads or on their website may not be inclusive of additional fees or taxes which would be paid.


car rental fees


Some of the fees charged include delivery or pick up fees; licensing fees; fuel fees; insurance fees and collision damage waivers. Deposits are usually a separate charge since it is refunded in the event your rental goes smoothly, but there are rare occasions where companies include it in their displayed rates. So typically different companies charge for different things. It’s for you to know what you want from your rental.

Most car rental companies in Jamaica do airport pick-ups and drop-offs. They may or may not charge you for it. However, not many of these companies deliver your car to you and if they do, they’ll charge you. Unlike others, HBC is maybe one of the few car rental companies on the island that will deliver your car for free. So, you don’t have to worry about paying a fee to get your car to you. Another fee a lot of rental companies charge is an insurance fee. This is the fee that gives you coverage in case an accident happens or you damage your rental. Some companies make this a mandatory fee when doing a rental. Others, like HBC, have it as an add-on to your rental, that way you’re able to choose if you want to get coverage. If you’re not sure if you need coverage, our Car Rental Insurance will tell you what you need to know. Our Terms & Conditions page also shows you our insurance offers and their rates.


Taxes are unavoidable. For both businesses and consumers. Rental companies in Jamaica have no choice but to include taxes in the cost of their rental. All companies on the island include a VAT (value-added tax) like GCT (general consumption tax) to your rental in order to adhere to government guidelines. The required tax across the board that rental companies in Jamaica should charge stands at 15%. So like any other tax, 15% GCT is added to what the company is charging you for your rental.


Now that you know what you’re paying for, may not make reserving a rental feel like brain surgery. Knowing what your money is going to makes it much easier to click that ‘Pay Now’ button.