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Hummingbird Car Rental Terms & Conditions

Rate guarantee. Must return to the same parish the minimum rental period is 001 days. Arrangements can be made to have car dropped off in another city/town call our agent. Personal Accident Insurance Not available Loss /Damage Waiver Cost of ldw -USD 9.00 per day for all vehicles Limited Coverage ($750 deductible) -USD 25.00 per day for pcar/lcar/mvar/fvmr/far Full Coverage (No Deductible) Non waiverable damage responsibility with ldw – – • Limited Coverage ($9/day)–USD 750.00 for all vehicles – -USD 1500.00 for theft Full Coverage ($25/day)– USD 0.00 for damage, USD 1000 for theft • If ldw is declined the customer is responsible for the full value of the vehicle, up $12,500.00. • Deposit on luxury cars is $750 regardless if coverage is taken. ldw is mandatory unless the customer presents a credit card that provides ldw protection or equivalent coverage applicable in Jamaica . In case of accident and the ldw is declined, the entire cost of the repairs will be payable by the client. If ldw is accepted, the customer is still responsible for the damage responsibility listed above and the renter will be b billed in case of accident regardless of who is at fault.

Note: Hummingbird can take up to 72 hours to replace a vehicle that is rendered inoperable due an accident or theft, without reimbursement or liability on the company’s part. In the case, where the vehicle become inoperable due to mechanical issues, not caused by faulty operation by renter, Hummingbird will replace vehicle within 12 hours, without additional cost to customer. In the rare event it takes more than 12 hours or the customer does not get a replacement vehicle, Hummingbird will refund customer for that portion of rental unused.

Hummingbird offers two re-fueling options– Option 1 – returning the vehicle with the same amount of fuel as provided at the time of rental.

Option 2 – returning the vehicle with less than the amount of fuel as when rented and paying a refueling service charge for fuel used. This charge is at a rate higher than the local retail gasoline prices.

Major credit cards accepted when issued in the renter’s name. Credit cards listed below. Master Card Discover Visa American Express

Cash Cash rentals are not allowed. Deposit A deposit is usually not required for customers who choose full liability coverage unless in a high-risk category. A $200 is required for a customers who choose limited liability coverage and pays with a credit card, $500 if paid with cash. A deposit of up to $750 is required for customers who opt out of coverage. Valid driver’s license from country of residence required. International driving license required only for licenses printed in a non-roman alphabet. Additional driver minimum age is 23 and must present a current and valid driver’s license from country of residence. Additional driver fee: none. The minimum age to rent or drive a Hummingbird car is 23. Late Arrivals Kingston and Montego Bay airports will remain open to meet incoming customers with advance reservations who have encountered flight delays. It is Hummingbird’s policy to honor a reservation up to 5 hours beyond the stated pickup time in the event a customer is delayed. Hummingbird would appreciate your notifying us at 1-800-458-6440 should you become aware of a delay in picking up your car. Time and Mileage Time-and-mileage charges are included in the base quoted rate. Rates are based on the length of time the vehicle was rented (day, week or month) as well as any per-mile charges. This comprises the charge for the length of time rented, the allowable mileage, and any incremental charge for mileage incurred over the allowance associated with the charge. Late Charges Most Hummingbird rentals are based on a 24-hour day. A car rented at 10AM for a one-day rental is due back at 10AM the next day. There is a one-hour grace period. If the car is returned within

the one-hour grace period there will not be any additional hourly rate. Beyond the one-hour period, an hourly rate will apply. If the hourly charge exceeds four hours, a full day rental will apply. Charges for optional services such as LDW, etc. are charged as full days after the one-hour grace period. Additional Days

We do not encourage renters keeping car for extra days beyond the rental period as most of our bookings and discounted rates are for advanced bookings only. Extra day rentals will be billed at the higher standard daily rate for a short-term rental (see www.hbcarrental.com) Advance Booking Requirement Certain special rates may require that they be reserved in advance of when the vehicle is rented. Any advance booking requirement is contained in the terms and conditions of advertisements or coupons. Since advanced booking vehicles are reserved for renters, there is a cancellation fee of 5% of the total rental cost if renter cancels within 48 hours of booking; 15% if cancellation is done up to 7 days prior to the rental date, and 25% if cancellation is done less than 7 days before the day of rental.

Coupons Hummingbird frequently makes promotional offers via coupons. Please be sure to check the terms and conditions on the coupon for applicability. For more information, call 800-458-6440. Parking Tickets/Traffic Violations Any parking tickets or traffic violations are the responsibility of the renter. Seat Belts Hummingbird encourages all drivers and passengers to always wear their seat belts. Smoking/Drug Use/Alcohol Consumption No smoking, drug use or alcohol beverage is to be used while operating vehicle. If any damage is done to vehicle and drug use or alcohol is suspected to be a contributing factor, you will 100% liable for damages, even if coverage was purchased. Visitors to Jamaica are reminded that contrary to what is portrayed in foreign media, marijuana use and driving while intoxicated is illegal in Jamaica and strictly enforced by the Jamaican authorities. Humming Bird will take no liabilities for incidents related to drug use or alcohol consumption. Change In Drop off/Pick up Day No refund will be given to a customer who decides to pick up a car a day or more later than the scheduled pick-up day. As well no refund will be given to a customer who decides to return the car earlier than the scheduled drop off day.

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