Car Rental Deposits is something that puzzles many persons. Why do you need to leave a deposit if you are already paying for the rental?

Especially here when renting a car in Jamaica, you might be hesitant about deposits. To understand why you need to leave a deposit, in this blog post we will tell you what it is for, how much it might come up to, and how you can pay lower deposits.

All you need to know to feel assured about your deposit when renting a car in Jamaica.


What is a Car Rental Deposit for?

Well when you rent a car, there is always a possibility that there might be an accident or damage to the car. From small occurrences like spilling coffee on the car seat, to damaged tires, the rental company will subtract the cost costs incurred from your deposit.

After the rental period, you will get back the remainder of your deposit, or your full deposit if no extra costs were incurred.


How much is a Car Rental Deposit?

Rental car deposits depend on the rental company, the car you are renting. In Jamaica rental car deposits generally range from USD$500 all the way to about USD$3000.


How to pay less for your deposit?

Hummingbird is the only registered car rental company in Jamaica with such low deposit rates. We offer deposits as low as USD$200. And loyal customers pay ZERO deposit. While you might find other rental car providers in Jamaica that do not require deposits, they tend to be illegitimate businesses or car owners who rent out their cars to make a profit. They have no deposit or insurance costs, however, they are not legit, and so in the case of incidents, they have no formal process to resolve them.


Paying the Deposit

Most companies will offer deposit payment with a debit or credit card. The funds will not be withdrawn from your card, however, the funds will be fenced. Meaning they can’t be accessed. But will be released back to the cardholder once the rental period is over.

Here at Hummingbird we also offer PayPal as a means to pay for rentals, as well as deposit and insurance.


When will your deposit be refunded?

Your deposit is refunded by most companies 10 -15 days after the rental period is over. Here at Hummingbird, we refund the rental as soon as you return the car and we assess any damages.


Hope this article helped in helping you understand rental car deposits in Jamaica. If you are ready to rent a car with Hummingbird, click here to reserve.