What Type Of Car Are You?

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Have you ever rented a vehicle because you own a similar one? I know I have. Like me, there are many persons who have wanted to rent a vehicle outside their comfort zone, but cannot decide what type vehicle to rent. Maybe you own a vehicle for the sake of owning a vehicle and want to get something more, YOU.

Doing this simple test that matches your personality to a vehicle type can help you decide on a vehicle type for your next purchase or rental. My result showed that I’m a “Mercedes SLS” type-a-guy. So, from now on I’ll be rolling in the sophisticated lane.

What will your car type be?

Ok, so you have played the game and know what car type matches your personality. Congratulations! I hope renting or purchasing your next vehicle will be more to your liking.

Let us know the type of vehicle you are in the comments below.


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