5 Things Not To Do When Renting a Car in Jamaica

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When on a vacation the last thing we want to think about are the “What-Not-To-Dos”.  Nonetheless, when traveling to a place for the first time, it’s best to travel informed and prepared. Don’t they say knowledge is power?

For a vacation full of fun and peace of mind, keep the following tips in mind when renting a car in Jamaica.

  1. Do not rent a vehicle you are uncomfortable maneuvering. When you rent a vehicle from a car rental in Jamaica it is yours for a while; it is always best to feel comfortable driving the vehicle as to prevent any accidents or damages to yourself or the vehicle.
  2.  Do not allow multiple drivers to drive rental vehicle. Even if you’re going on vacation with a ton of friends; the vehicle is your responsibility. Do not allow multiple persons to drive the vehicle and have them possibly damage the vehicle or themselves. You got a great price from the cheap car rental in Jamaica don’t hike up payments by having to pay for damages!
  3. Do not go off road. A pretty standard <strong>“don’t”</strong> but let me explain. You’re driving around Jamaica and you visit a beautiful beach that does not have a road paved leading to it; that is considered off road. Find the nearest parking to the beach because if you wind up getting stuck in a place you should not have been driving the fees will fall on you.
  4. Do not leave inspection to chance– When dropping off your rental vehicle be sure to have an agent present to check for any damages.
  5. Do not extend rental without permission– An agreement was made between you and the Jamaican car rental agency; don’t break it by extending the length of your rental without permission. Simply inform the agency and a cheap price will be given to you for extension of rental.

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